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About Us

MeSignDoc® trademark has been registered in China and the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, the electronic signature service we provide is that the user ("Me") sign the document digitally on local computer, the document to be signed does not need to be uploaded to any third-party e-signature service provider. The icon in the logo is composed of capital letter "E" and "pen", meaning to complete the electronic signature by myself.

MeSignDoc e-signature service is currently provided by MeSign App (Encrypted Email Client). It is planned to be separated in the future to form an independent e-signature tool software - MeSignDoc App, a digital signature tool app that integrates digital signature, PDF reader, signature validation and signature display.

  • MeSign Vision
    Encrypt all messages, Protect online privacy.
  • MeSign Mission
    Provide world-class information cryptography products based on PKI technology.

Who are we?

MeSign Technology Limited is registered in Shenzhen, the city of innovation and vitality, located in the Greater Bay Area of South China. Shenzhen office is the operation and R&D headquarters. In addition, MeSign Technology Limited is registered in Hong Kong SAR and the UK as wholly owned subsidiary of MeSign Shenzhen. Shenzhen company is responsible for providing high quality services to Chinese users, Hong Kong SAR and UK companies are responsible for providing high quality services to worldwide users except China mainland. MeSign Technology has a group of top technical experts who have drilled in the field of PKI technology for more than ten years and are committed to providing global users with high-level information cryptography products and solutions based on PKI technology.

MeSign Technology is a software company with cloud computing service capabilities, empowering the client software we developed. MeSign Technology is also a CA with a global trusted root certificates (WebTrust audited), but we do not sell digital certificates, we only automatically issue email certificates and document signing certificates for our client software on demand. MeSign Technology is also an Internet security company, we provide Internet security products and services, using digital signature and encryption technology to ensure Internet data security.

What do we do?

MeSign Technology provides ONE APP: MeSign App, TWO types of services: email encryption and digital signature service, document digital signature and encryption service, and FIVE products: MeSign App, Enterprise Key Management System, Email Security Gateway, e-Signing Agent, E-signature Box.

How are we doing?

MeSign App users have covered 171 countries and regions around the world and continue to be popular among global users. It has provided three versions including Windows, Android and iOS, and plans to release MacOS and Linux versions, supporting 15 languages.

How did we do it?

We have invested 5 years in research and development, invested in the construction of a secure and reliable encryption service infrastructure - MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure, and shared these facilities with all MeSign users around the world, so that everyone don’t need to have the necessary trust infrastructure in place but can also implement S/MIME email encryption to meet various compliance requirements. Therefore, MeSign App has been warmly welcomed and widely used by users in 171 countries and regions in a short period of time.

MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure consists of seven service systems: MeSign Certificate Authority (MCA), MeSign Cryptographic Key Management System (MKM), MeSign Encrypting Certificate Public Key Database (CerDB), MeSign Certificate Revocation Status System (MCRS), MeSign Identity Validation System (MVS), MeSign Timestamp Service System (MTS), MeSign e-Signing Service System (MSSS). These service systems in cloud work together with MeSign App (email client APP) to constitute the "Cloud" and the "Client" collaboration system to provide the secure and reliable email encryption service and e-document signature service automatically for worldwide users. In other words, MeSign App is not a traditional independent email client software or an e-signature tool software, it is a user-oriented service agent which not only let users handle their own data locally to protect privacy, but also let users utilize the powerful cloud service for automatic email encryption and automatic document digital signature. This is an innovative solution that is the first in the world.

What else do we do?

In order to promote the global popularization of "e-mail encryption only" and "e-sign document only", MeSign Technology has launched a Global Partner Eco Plan, which plans to open its cryptographic infrastructure to global e-mail security providers and e-document security providers, to provide value-added services for e-mail security and e-document security to users around the world, and truly and fully realize the end-to-end full encryption of all information and messages, and fully protect user privacy and business secret to let the Internet serve all humanity more safely.