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MeSign Trusted Identity Validation ServiceTrusted, Because of Validated®

1. Why do I need to complete identity validation?

MeSign technologies, enable every document has an identity (digital signature), completely eliminate document fraud!

Digital signature technology is to issue a digital certificate containing identity information to users. Users can use this digital certificate to sign electronic documents. In this way, each signed document and email have a digital identity. If you want to have a digital identity, you must complete identity validation.

MeSignDoc services have three editions that all need to complete identity validation. After completing the validation, we will issue PDF signing certificate containing user identity information for users that is trusted by Adobe.

2. How to complete identity validation?

MeSign Trusted Identity Validation Service is done strictly according to MeSign CPS and Adobe AATL technical requirements and WebTrust standards. After passing the identity validation, then users can use the service they have purchased.

MeSign Individual Validation requires users submitting ID Card and other named documents, the picture holding ID card in hand. Organization users need to submit the Authorization Letter from organization. The Validation team may contact users by phone call or email to verify the submitted proof documents. MeSign and WoTrus CA work together closely to complete the identity validation for users in accordance with the relevant international standards strictly.

The Trusted Identity Validation Service for users who have purchased charged services is free. Only the employee identity validation and the contract signer identity validation are charged, they are both one-time charged fees, not annually.

All users can log into MeSign at any time using the MeSign APP to scan the QR code. Personal users can manage their personal identity information and organization users account admin can manage the organization identity information and employee information, and purchase the services and products needed for the organization.

3. Trusted, Because of Validated®

MeSign enables every document has an identity (digital signature). Users will have an Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate auto-configured by MeSign APP after passing the identity validation and purchased the MeSignDoc service. In addition, a trusted e-seal or e-signature will be auto-configured as well for document sealing. Then users can use the document e-signing function provided by the MeSign APP to sign the various PDF files, and users can use the cosigning function to initiate the document issued by multiple organizations for cosigning. This service is no quantity limit on the document signing. Every organization has 6 e-seals or e-signatures, and there is no limit for organizations on the number of employees for using the e-seals or e-signatures, they only need to authorize the usage right of the e-seals or e-signatures. If the employee has completed the employee identity validation, the employee can use the document d-signature service for free to sign various PDF documents, including OA approval signature.

MeSign enables every e-contract signer has an identity (digital signature). Users will have an Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate and a trusted e-signature or e-seal used for signing electronic contract auto-configured by MeSign APP after passing the identity validation and purchased the MeSignDoc service. Then users can have unlimited times of e-contract signing initiations and signing contract by using the contract e-signing functions provided by MeSign APP, all signed e-contracts have legal effort globally and the signed e-contract file is Adobe global trusted. Users need to purchase the contract signer identity validation service, to let each contract signer complete the identity validation before signing the contract, to ensure that the identity of the contract signer is authentic and trusted.

In summary, MeSign Identity Validation Service includes Individual Validation, Organization Validation and Organizational Employee Validation that will be processed manually, it is a free supporting service for the 3 charged services, we called it as trusted identity validation service since every user’s identity is validated and trusted.