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The Introduction to MeSign Email Signature Service Pro

MeSign Email Signature Service Pro is a charged value-added service provided by MeSign App. As the free email signature service only validates the user's email address, and does not validate the user's identity, there is no guarantee that the email sender’s identity is trusted. Using the free automatically configured V1 Signing Certificate to sign an email can only guarantee that the email has not been tampered with and guarantee that this email address is valid. The email is indeed sent from this email address, but the identity claimed by the sender of the email was not validated, so it is not trusted, especially if the sender uses the free public email address to send emails. Therefore, in order to convince the receiver of the true identity of the sender, the sender could buy the Email Signature Service Pro and finish the identity validation. As long as the identity has been validated and to be able to be issued a signing certificate containing the identity information, then MeSign App can show that the signer's identity is trusted and validated.

MeSign Email Signature Service Pro Edition provides the following 10 services and functions:

  1. Auto-configure the Email Signing Certificate (V2/V3/V4) displaying the individual name (Personal Pro Edition) or the organizational name (Business Pro Edition).
  2. For individual users, there is no limit on the number of the personal email address, so every personal email can bind the validated identity and will be auto-configured a V2 signing certificate containing the personal identity information for free.
  3. For organization users, there is no limit on the number of the employees, all employees can be auto-configured a V3 signing certificate contains the organization’s name for free.
  4. There is no limit on the times of using the MeSign App to send signed and timestamped email to proof the sent time of the email is trusted.
  5. When the recipients receive the email, MeSign App will display the identity information of the sender, such as name, organization’s name and job title. In addition, the MeSign App will show the indication “Identity Validated and Trusted”.
  6. The email can be encrypted and be digitally signed by MeSign App at the same time by default.
  7. Provide free public key exchange service, so that users do not need to exchange the public keys by sending the signed emails.
  8. Auto-issue a new V2/V3/V4 signing certificate for every device for free once new device used MeSign App, no device quantity limit. It is because the signing certificate is bound to the user’s devices, and the key pairs of the signing certificate is generated and stored with encryption on the user’s devices.
  9. Evert time the user receives the signed email, MeSign App will validate the signature and show the trusted identity information of the signer automatically.
  10. Provide free revoking services for the signing certificate for users.

MeSign Email Signature Service Business Pro Edition is charged annually, not by the number of employees. For Personal Pro Edition, it is also charged annually, not by the number of bound email address. For organization users who have purchased the Email Signature Service Pro Edition, as long as the validation of the organization email domain name is completed, all the organizational employees will automatically be configured the V3 signing certificates for free. Each email will display the organization's name, and there is no limit on the number of employees for obtaining the V3 signing certificates.

Let take some examples, if an organization has 100 employees, each employee can use the Email Signature Service Pro for one year by sharing US$1.29 only and each employee can have a V3 signing certificate as well. If the organization has 1,000 employees, each employee can enjoy 365 days of Email Signature Service Pro and have one V3 signing certificate by sharing only US$0.129, which is cost-efficient! Welcome to purchase MeSign Email Signature Service Pro Edition.