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MeSignDoc Products and ServicesNo Signature, No Document. Sign the important document by yourself in MeSign App!

1. Preliminary understanding of MeSignDoc servicesFree Download MeSign App

At present, all industries are achieving comprehensive paperless management, and an important application of paperless applications is electronic documents, mostly as PDF format file. Electronic documents have security problems such as cleartext publishing, cleartext storage, and the inability to prove the identity of the document. The best solution is electronic signature, digital certificate is used to digitally sign the document to ensure that the identity of the document signer is trusted, so that the electronically signed document has the same legal effect as the paper signature and company seal stamp, thus realizing a truly secure and reliable paperless management.

Electronic signature applications in full swing are electronic contract signing, and electronic business licenses, electronic invoices, electronic certification documents, electronic transcripts, etc. Let us look at the common electronic contract signing process. As shown in the left figure below, the user generates a contract document (PDF file) in the business system and submits this PDF file to the e-signature service platform, and the platform completes the digital signature and returns to the user. Please note: The e-signature platform has the original files of the user's contracts and the files that have been signed!

As shown in the above figure on the right, MeSign Technology provides document digital signature service - MeSignDoc, to provide users with a local e-signature tool software - MeSign App, allowing users to complete document digital signature on their local computers. MeSign App only posts the HASH data of the document to be signed to the cloud e-Signing Service system. After obtaining the signed data, MeSign App completes the digital signature on the user’s computer. The user’s document and contract does not leave the user’s computer. The user (Me) completes the Signature! This is the unique core advantage of MeSignDoc service.

In order to protect the privacy of user documents, MeSign Technology innovatively splits the digital signature process into two parts – HASH signing and signature completion. MeSign App completes the signature HASH generation and writes the HASH signed data locally on the user's computer. MeSign e-Signing System completes the HASH signing process, the "cloud" and "client" work together to complete the digital signature. This is the innovative MeSignDoc service, which realizes the global trusted document digital signature service, and guarantees MeSignDoc service without touching the user's documents to be signed, it effectively protects user’s personal privacy and business secret in the documents and contracts.

“I, Me, Sign my document by myself! Not by the platform! I don’t like to upload my document to any third-party e-signature service platform, so as to effectively protect my document privacy and security. I don’t like the platform to touch my original files and signed files! I love MeSignDoc service!”
One of MeSignDoc user said

2. In-depth understanding of MeSignDoc service - DSaaS

The reason why MeSign Technology can automatic document digital signature, document encryption and timestamping is that we have built a cloud cryptography infrastructure and provide cloud cryptography service to support document signature automation, and the document e-signature tool software - MeSign App collaborate with cloud service, together to provide users with document digital signature, document encryption and timestamping services. This idea that solves the mail encryption problems is a SaaS solution, so we call “DSaaS” (Document Signature as-a-Service)。

As shown in the figure on the right in the previous paragraph, users only need to use the document signing service provided by MeSign App, select the document to be signed, and MeSign App will automatically connect to the cloud identity validation system (MVS) to verify the user’s identity, and automatically apply for document signing certificate to the cloud CA system (MCA) and cloud key management system (MKM). At the same time, MeSign App will generate the HASH data of the file to be signed on the local computer and post it to the cloud e-signing service system (MSS). The cloud e-signing service system automatically uses the user’s signing certificate to digitally sign the document HASH data, and automatically call cloud timestamping service (MTS) to attach timestamp data to the signed HASH data to prove document signing time trusted, and at the same time call certificate revocation system (MCR) to generate the LTV data to ensure that the signature is still long time valid after the document signing certificate has expired, and finish the HASH data signature according to international standards, then return the finished signed data to MeSign App, and MeSign App completes the digital signature of the document locally, the signed document is global trusted and global legal effect.

In other words, MeSignDoc digital signature service (DSaaS) as a cloud service is available at any time like tap water, thus completely solve the easy-to-use problem of document digital signature, and truly realize digital signature of document with one click, to popularize that all electronic documents are digitally signed, to ensure that every document is a trusted document. DSaaS is exclusively provided for worldwide users by MeSign Technology! Welcome to download MeSign App to experience!

3. Learn more about MeSignDoc services

The core product of MeSince Technology is MeSign App, an e-signature tool software, which allows users to complete the digital signature of documents on their local computers without uploading the documents to be signed to the e-signature service platform to protect the confidential information of documents. This is the unique service advantage of MeSignDoc service.

Another service advantage is that we auto-configure an Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate for each signer, the subject of the certificate contains the identity information of the user's validated identity, and the signer uses MeSign App to automatically call his/her own PDF signing certificate to complete the digital signature of the document on the user's own computer.

At present, many e-signature service providers either configure untrusted signing certificates for users, or do not configure signing certificates at all but only sign the document with the platform signing certificate. These are legal and technical risks. But MeSignDoc service not only automatically configures each signer with a globally trusted signing certificate, but also attaches Adobe’s globally trusted timestamp signature for free when signing the document and supports the signature long-term validity technology (LTV) to ensure long-term preservation of the signed document is valid for a long time.

MeSignDoc service provides a series of products and services to meet the needs of various digital signature and encryption applications of documents. As shown in the figure below, you can implement digital signature of document in three ways, and document encryption at the same time. Users can choose appropriate methods and products according to their needs.

  • 1
    Using MeSign App to sign manually
    HASH Call E-sign API to sign automatically
    Deploying E-signature Box to sign automatically
  • Starter Edition Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate Charge per signing
    Pro Edition Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate Charge annually(unlimited signing)
    API Edition - User program to post pdf file HASH to call API Charge per call times
    Buy Signing Agent
    to post pdf file HASH to call API
    Charge per call times
  • US$9.80 / 20 signing
    US$569.00 / year
    US$343.00 / 1K times
    Software fee * +
    US$343.00 / 1K times
    Hardware fee(Certificate) +
    Timestamping fee *
  • Host certificate in cloud to use as needed.
    Post HASH to cloud for privacy protection.
    Sign document in local computer, easy to use.
    Host certificate in cloud to use as needed.
    Post HASH to cloud for privacy protection.
    Program by user self, flexible to integration.
    Host certificate in cloud to use as needed.
    Post HASH to cloud for privacy protection.
    Deploy easy-to-use system on premise.
    To host certificate in local for full control.
    Deploy easy-to-use system on premise.
  • * The above service 1 and 2 are provided with Adobe's global trusted timestamp service for free.
  • * Provide paid PDF digital signature programming technical support services.
  • * For the pricing about the Signing Agent System and E-signature Box, please contact us.

3.1 Using MeSign App

MeSign App is a free encrypted email client software, and it is also an e-signature tool software that allows users to complete digital signatures of documents on their local computers, regardless of whether the document is an electronic contract to be signed or a PDF documents. There is no need to upload files to the cloud, and it is done directly locally to protect the confidential information of user files. Please visit this page for details.

We have planned to separate the E-signature function of MeSign App and release a new independent e-signature tool software - MeSignDoc App, a digital signature tool app that integrates digital signature, PDF reader, signature validation and signature display.

Users can purchase the Starter Edition or the Pro Edition (charged annually, unlimited signing) according to their needs. No matter which version, users are required to complete the identity validation as required. After completing the identity validation, user can use the document digital signature service. Organization users can configure 6 kinds of e-seals for free, and individual users can configure one e-seal. Each user is automatically configured with Adobe's globally trusted PDF signing certificate to achieve digital signature and attached Adobe's globally trusted timestamp signature and support signature long-term validity (LTV).

Click to download and view the completed digitally signed document sample and the completed signed contract sample.

3.2 Call E-Sign API

Users can use MeSign App to digitally sign the e-documents and the e-contracts manually, but for large enterprises including government agencies and public institutions, they have many documents or contracts need to be signed every day and they require to integrate the digital signature into the management systems to achieve fully automatic e-document signing and e-contract signing.

For this requirement, user can purchase E-sign API Hash Signing service, so that users do not need to apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA, do not need to purchase expensive HSM, do not need to upgrade their existing infrastructures, do not need to understand how to digitally sign PDF file using the signing certificate, do not need to purchase timestamping service and do not need to know how to obtain the LTV data. What they only need to do is to generate the HASH of PDF file to be signed, and call E-sign API Call services to automatically return the signed data including the file signature data, timestamp signature data and LTV data, then write the returned signed data into the PDF file according to the PDF signature standards to complete the document signature. As shown in the below left diagram. Please refer to E-sign API HASH Signing Service Introduction.

If the user does not know how to generate the HASH data of the PDF file and how to write the returned signed data into the PDF file, user can purchase the e-Signing Agent software, as shown in the above right figure, and deploy this software on the local server, the user only needs to submit the PDF file to be signed to the e-Signing Agent system, the e-Signing Agent is responsible for generating the document HASH data and posting it to the MeSign eSigning Service. After receiving the returned HASH signed data, the e-Signing Agent is responsible for writing this data into the PDF file to complete the digital signature. The purchase of the e-Signing Agent software still calls the E-sign API, and user still needs to purchase the E-sign API call times.

3.3 Deploying E-signature Box

As mentioned above, users can complete the digital signature of documents by calling the E-sign API. Please note that the PDF signing certificate of this solution is safely hosted in the cloud and called on demand. If users want to manage the signing certificate locally, it is recommended to purchase a MeSign E-signature Box, as shown in the figure below, the E-signature Box is a hardware product with a built-in HSM card, and the private key of the PDF signing certificate is safely stored in the HSM card.

The user just needs to submit the document to be signed to the E-signature Box, and the E-signature Box completes the digital signature of the document. To ensure the signature time of the signed document is trusted and ensure the long-term validity of the signed document, the E-signature Box still needs to call the MeSign e-Signing Service system to obtain the timestamp signature data and LTV data, and the timestamping service is a charged service.

4. Summary

MeSign Technology is committed to adopting PKI technology to ensure the security and trust of electronic documents. We have built a cryptographic infrastructure, to let "cloud" and "local" work together to realize fully automatic document digital signature and encryption, which solves the current problems in the market. There are two major security problems in e-signature services: one is that uploading documents to be signed to the e-signature platform may leak personal privacy information and business secrets; the other is that the signer does not have a digital certificate or only has an untrusted signing certificate.

Users can use MeSign App to implement digital signature of electronic documents and electronic contract signing locally, easily and automatically. At the same time, MeSign Technology provides the E-sign API service, allowing users to program document digital signature by themselves, seamlessly connecting with business management systems. We also provide the e-Signing Agent software for users who do not understand PDF signature program to automatically call the E-sign API. If user want to manage the document signing certificate locally, we provide the E-signature Box, which is convenient for users to deploy locally. Welcome to choose on need.