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MeSign Trusted E-Seal Services

MeSign E-sign service provides free trusted e-seal service for Contract E-signature service and Document D-signature service, so that the electronically signed documents and contracts can display the same visual effect to the paper-based signatures or the physical seal of the organization.

According to the related electronic signature laws from different countries, the trusted electronic signature has the same legal effect to the paper-based signature or seal. Therefore, the control panel of E-sign service in MeSign App displays the user’s e-signature with the following text explanation: “The above e-seal or e-signature for the signer is automatically generated by MeSign E-Sign System. It is only used for digital signature visualization. Users do not need to set up the handwritten signature or organization seal picture because MeSign uses the signer's PDF signing certificate issued by Adobe trusted CA, and its legal effect depends on the signer's PDF signing certificate and timestamp digital signature, not the e-seal or e-signature picture.”

That is to say, using the digital signature technology and the auto-generated e-seal or e-signature are more reliable and trusted than the handwritten signature picture or the official seal picture that set up by the user. It is because the user’s handwritten signature image cannot be verified if it is indeed the user’s signature and similarly the official seal of the organization cannot be verified if it is indeed from the organization. However, the e-seal or e-signature generated by MeSign E-sign System is generated based on the personal identity information or the organization identity information that has validated by trusted CA, which are trusted e-seal or e-signature and they are impossible to be counterfeited.

MeSign E-sign services provides 7 types of e-seal and e-signature: organization official e-seal, organization authorized e-signature, organization contract e-seal, organization HR e-seal, organization financial e-seal, organization invoice e-seal and personal e-signature.

The different types of e-seal and e-signature which are configured for free from different types of identity validation and the corresponding meanings of them are shown in the table below.

e-Signature in English e-Seal in English
Individual Validation
Individual Validation Personal e-Signature, identity validated
Organization Validation
Organization Validation Organization authorized e-Signature, signer and organization identity validated, signer is authorized to represent the organization to sign. The signer identity NOT validated but can use the organization e-seal that is authorized to use.
Organization Employee Validation
Organization Employee Validation Organization employee e-Signature, employee identity validated.