Deploy e-Signing Agent System,
realize batch document digital signature.

  • Quickly let the business system realize document digital signature automatically.
  • No need to upload the file to be signed, just post the HASH to protect document security.
  • Digitally sign PDF documents with Adobe trusted document signing certificate.
  • Need to buy E-sign API service, there is a discount for large quantities.

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Does your organization digitally sign the official announcements, notifications which are published to the public? If no, then the published documents will be easily to be impersonated! This is the reason why the cases of counterfeit documents were happened frequently! Not only that, this also can damage your reputation and breach the related laws and regulations!

Currently, major e-contract service providers require you to upload your original contract to the signature platform. Have you hesitated?

Do you want the original contract with confidential information to be disclosed to a third party?

Are you assured of giving these business secrets to a third-party?

Maybe you are aware of this hidden risk, but you have no choice but to bear all the possible risks!

How to do it?

You can buy and deploy e-Signing Agent System, to let the business management system realize batch digital signature of PDF files automatically including electronic contracts.

No need to upload the PDF file to be signed, just post the HASH to protect document security and privacy.

No need to upload to any signature verification system for additional validation of the signature, Adobe Reader validate it automatically, to completely protect your business secret!

All PDF documents are digitally signed by Adobe trusted PDF Signing Certificate with global legal effect!

The E-sign API service needs to be purchased at the same time, and the fee is US$343.00/1K times, but no PDF programming is required, rapid deployment, and the e-Signing Agent System is responsible for calling the E-sign API and completing the digital signature of the document.

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