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Announcement on the separation of MeSign E-mail Encryption Service and E-sign Service into two independent APPs

Shenzhen, China – Nov 06, 2020. Since MeSign App officially integrated the electronic signature service on August 18, 2019, it has been welcomed by users and we received many suggestions from users of electronic signatures. MeSign App is an encrypted email client software, and the electronic signature service is positioned as a value-added service of MeSign App. However, due to the unique advantages of MeSign E-signature service, it has received enthusiastic praise from users. The electronic signature service, regarded as a value-added service cannot meet the needs from our electronic signature users.

For this reason, MeSign decided to start to spin off the electronic signature service from MeSign App from now on and release an independent electronic signature service APP. The specific arrangements are as follows:

  1. (1) Today, an updated version of the MeSign App Windows version is released, which hides the "E-sign" menu. Only users who have purchased the MeSign E-sign Service will display this menu and we will continue to provide electronic signature services to users who have purchased the electronic signature service to ensure that these users are not affected.
  2. (2) MeSign App (Android version and Apple iOS version) will not release the version with integrated electronic signature service as planned.
  3. (3) MeSign App currently provides Windows version, Android version and Apple iOS version. It is planned to release a new Windows version, Mac version, and Linux version in January 2021. This new full range of versions (including Android version and Apple iOS version) will no longer integrate electronic signature services.
  4. (4) The MeSign E-sign Service will be integrated into the MeSign Reader of which the internal beta version has been released., It will make MeSign Reader a document reader and a digital signature tool which integrates the PDF/OFD document reader (including validation and display of digital signatures), documents digital signature service, electronic contract signing service and office approval signature service.
  5. (5) We will do a good job in the continuous service of electronic signature service, the current Windows version of the MeSign App that has integrated the electronic signature service will provide E-sign service till the official version of MeSign Reader with E-sign service is released.
  6. (6) The new version of MeSign App will no longer continue to use the file name with ‘MeSince’ and do not use ‘MeSince Identity CA’ to issue email certificates and PDF signing certificate for users, and will fully adopt the new root - MeSign Identity CA to issue certificates for users. In order to be compatible with the certificate issued by the old root certificate, the old root certificate and the new root certificate will be cross-signed.
  7. (7) The content of the relevant pages on the official website will also be adjusted and changed accordingly.

The separation of MeSign App on email encryption service and electronic signature service is to provide global users with better user experience and user services, and to better provide two types of different user groups with high-quality services that better meet user’s needs. Stay tuned for the new version of MeSign App, which will be the only email client software in the world that fully supports 5 different operating systems, meeting the needs of global users for one-stop email management and email encryption, and still the only one in the world that uses S/MIME standards (RSA algorithm and RSA certificate) to realize fully automatic encryption and digital signature and time stamping in email client software.

Thanks again to users all over the world for your love of MeSign App. We will continue to work hard to provide users with better products and services.