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Celebrate the New Year 2020, 50% discount for 2020 users worldwide!

London, UK – 17 Dec. 2019. 2020 New Year is approaching. In order to celebrate the New Year and to thank users worldwide for using MeSince in the past year, MeSince is proud to launch the "Celebrate the New Year 2020, 50% discount for 2020 users worldwide" activity. The original price is US$4.99 per year for Individual Validation, the preferential price is US$2.50, which is equivalent to only US$0.7 cent a day to have a globally trusted V2 email identity. The preferential price of Organization Validation for the original price of US$89.99 is US$45.00, which is equivalent to only US$0.12 per day, so that all employees have a globally trusted V3 email identity, without limiting the number of employees.

Event Date: 18 Dec. 2019 – 09 Mar. 2020

Event details:During the event, the first 2020 users who applied for MeSince V2/V3/V4 Identity Validation will enjoy a 50% OFF discount. Places are limited, first come first served. If the places are full, the discount activity will end early. Please apply NOW!

After applying for the MeSince V2/V3/V4 Identity Validation, users not only can send email with the identity information, effectively preventing the identity of the email from being impersonated, enhancing online trust, and facilitating more online transactions; but also all validated users can use the MeSign eSigning Service for free that let you can digitally sign PDF files trusted by Adobe worldwide in unlimited numbers that it can be used to sign e-Contract, e-Documents etc. Click here to view this news in PDF file that it is MeSign-signed.

Since the official version was provided to global users on December 14, 2018, in the past year, we work hard that have released a total of 25 versions, continuously completing various functions and solving various issues and bugs. As of today, there are 156 countries and regions users worldwide are using the MeSince APP to encrypt their emails. The specific countries are shown in the figure below on the left; 47.13% of these users are using the MeSince Windows version, 41.36% are using the Android version, and 11.52% Users use the Apple iOS version, as shown in the right figure below.