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MeSince released the official version with "MeSign" eSigning Service

Shenzhen, China – August 18, 2019. As the world's first free encrypted email client software, MeSince has be used by tens of thousands of users from 123 countries around the world since its official release on December 14, 2018. Today, MeSince released its new Windows version that integrated “MeSign” eSigning service. This means MeSign App is not only an encrypted email client, but also is an eContract and eDocument signing tool. It will greatly facilitate the MeSince validated users to sign eContract and various eDocument online, providing more free value-added services for validated users.

On May 28, 2019, MeSince published a public beta version of MeSince that integrated the electronic contract signing service. It received many valuable comments from users. Based on the collection of user needs, we released the official version today, which not only improved the electronic contract signing service, and added the function of single file e-signature and multi-party e-signature, and also added the function of encrypting the PDF file with the encrypting certificate that specify the right reader.

In business transactions, business contracts must be signed, and they are generally communicated by email to negotiate the contract document as an email attachment. Now, MeSince user can directly click the “MeSign” button in the email attachment to complete the eSigning of the contract. All e-contract signing is signed by Adobe's trusted PDF signing certificate and SM2 signing certificate containing the identity information of the signer, global trusted and compliance with China Electronic Signature Law and most countries related laws. "MeSign" not only allows you to easily complete the eSigning contracts, but also can be used to digitally sign various documents to prevent illegal tampering, illegal counterfeiting and illegal reading of PDF files. If user use Adobe Reader open the signed PDF file, it will be validated and displayed the signer information by the RSA signing certificate; if user use MeSince Reader open the signed PDF file, it will be validated and displayed the signer information by the SM2 signing certificate. Most importantly, this eSigning services are completely free for MeSince validated users.

MeSign is a free value-added service for MeSince validated users. Unlike other eSigning services, MeSign service not only let each signer has its own identity certificate, but also the signed file is trusted by the Adobe Reader to display the true identity information of the signer, support LTV (Long Term Validation) and embedded Adobe trust timestamp information. At the same time, MeSign is a cloud e-signing service that we do not upload the user's PDF file, only submit the HASH value of the file to the cloud e-signing server and complete the signed file generation in MeSign App locally, thus protecting the user's confidential information’s privacy.

MeSign not only protects the confidential information of the user's email, but also provides an easy way to sign e-contract and other PDF files using Adobe Trusted signing certificate for free. Users are welcome to download and install MeSign App, and apply for the identity authentication, not only to make each email has identity, but also to let every document has identity to prevent document fraud, and to encrypt every document with certificate to prevent classified document leak.

You can download the different digitally signed sample documents below for review:

Single Signed(Organization) Contract Signed(individual and organization) Contract Signed(organization and organization) Joint Signed(two companies)

Single Signed(Encrypted) Signed Contract tampered(O and O) two signing tools signed (one use MeSign App, another use Adobe Reader)