MeSign Global Partner Eco Program

Committing to building a trusted paperless global partner ecosystem,
helping global partners and users to build business practices and solutions based on MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure.

Welcome to Choose the Partner Program that is Right for You

  • For Office Automation System (OA) Providers

    Designed for leading companies that provide office automation system solutions and are interested in integrating MeSign Digital signature and encryption solutions into their system for PDF document signing.
  • For Management Info System (MIS) Providers

    Designed for leading companies that provide management information system solutions and are interested in integrating MeSign email encryption automation solution into their system for encrypting all outgoing emails.
  • For Key Management System (KM) Providers

    Designed for leading companies that provide cryptography key management system products and solutions and are interested in docking MeSign App to provide KM service for the demands on local key management.
  • For e-Signature System Providers

    Designed for leading companies that provide e-signature system and solutions and are interested in integrating E-sign API for document e-signing automation to ensure the signed document globally trusted.

MeSign Technology uses S/MIME standards to achieve fully automatic email encryption, as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC, UK) website wrote: "Although it is possible to encrypt individual emails using protocols like PGP or S / MIME, this requires the sender and recipient to have the necessary trust infrastructure in place. This is not likely to be possible for all the parties you communicate with.". This means S/MIME email encryption technology is very good, but it is necessary to build a reliable encryption infrastructure, which is NOT possible for most users. However, MeSign Technology did it. We have invested in the construction of a secure and reliable encryption infrastructure - MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure, and shared these facilities to all MeSign users worldwide, so that everyone can use S/MIME email encryption technology without investing on these facilities to meet all kinds of compliance and regulations requirements. Therefore, MeSign App has been warmly welcomed and widely used by users from 171 countries and regions in a short period of time.

MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure consists of seven service systems: MeSign Certificate Authority (MCA), MeSign Cryptographic Key Management System (MKM), MeSign Encrypting Certificate Public Key Database (CerDB), MeSign Certificate Revocation Status System (MCRS), MeSign Identity Validation System (MVS), MeSign Timestamp Service System (MTS), MeSign e-Signing Service System (MSSS). These service systems in cloud work together with MeSign App (email client APP) to constitute the "Cloud" and the "Client" collaboration system to provide the secure and reliable email encryption service and e-document signature service automatically for worldwide users. In other words, MeSign App is not a traditional independent email client software or an e-signature tool software, it is a user-oriented service agent which not only let users handle their own data locally to protect privacy, but also let users utilize the powerful cloud service for automatic email encryption, automatic document e-signing and automatic Contract E-signature. This is an innovative solution that is the first in the world.

Now, in order to promote the global popularization of "e-mail encryption only" and "e-sign document only", MeSign Technology has launched this Global Partner Eco Plan, which plans to open its cryptographic infrastructure to global e-mail security providers and e-document security providers, to provide value-added services for e-mail security and e-document security to users around the world. MeSign Cryptography Infrastructure has set up two service nodes in China and the United States respectively. The Chinese node serves Chinese users and is operated by MeSign Technology (Shenzhen) Limited; the US node serves overseas users and is operated by MeSign Technology Limited (UK). We plan to add another UK node in the future to better serve European users.

Welcome to join MeSign global partner eco plan to achieve the win-win cooperation, and jointly to promote the full encryption of e-mail and the full signature of e-documents!

Jointly promote “e-mail encryption only” for win-win.

Jointly promote “e-sign document only” for win-win.