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MeSignDoc Privacy and Secret Protection for DocumentProtect personal privacy and business secret by full encryption.

Encryption technology is the only effective technical measure to protect personal privacy and business secrets. MeSign Technology has 15 years’ technologies accumulations and R&D experience in digital signature and certificate encryption, providing global users with perfect information protection solutions based on PKI technology for protecting the privacy of electronic documents.

At present, the commonly used electronic documents are all in cleartext and cannot be proved the credibility of the document issuer, but whether individuals or organizations are still publishing and using various electronic documents in cleartext without digital signature every day.

MeSign Technology uses PKI technology to build public encryption infrastructure and has developed document e-signature and encryption tool software-MeSign App, to enable global users complete the contract and document e-signing locally on the user's computer rather than relying on the e-signature service platform, effectively to protect the privacy and confidential information of the documents and contracts.

MeSign Technology has adopted the following 5 technical measures to protect the documents privacy:

  1. Do not upload the user's documents and contract files to the MeSign e-Signing Service System in the cloud, using the HASH signature technology, to complete the digital signature of the PDF file by the MeSign APP on the user's local computer, thereby protecting the user's document confidential information. This is why users must use MeSign App to digitally sign documents and contracts.
  2. By using encrypted email for signing contract process, this solution ensures that the entire process of signing electronic contracts is encrypted, and the signed contract documents are encrypted and stored in ciphertext.
  3. Both the document e-signing and the Contract E-signature use Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate to achieve digital signatures. Users can use Adobe Reader to open the signed documents and e-contracts to verify the digital signature immediately when opening it. The digital signature will be verified by Adobe Reader immediately, and on the top line of Adobe Reader it will display clearly that whether the digital signature is valid or not, so that users do not need to upload the signed contract file to the e-signature verification platform to protect the privacy and secret in the contract.
  4. The user uses MeSign App to complete the document e-signing on the user's computer to ensure that the document does not leave the user's computer. In addition, it is optional for users to encrypt the document with a certificate when signing the document, to ensure that only the designated authorized readers of the confidential document can automatically decrypt for reading to prevent the leakage of the confidential document.
  5. No contract archiving service. MeSign Contract E-signature service uses digital signature technology, the digital signature has the same legal effect as the paper-based handwritten signature or the organization seal stamped. Therefore, there is no need to provide the contract archiving service for users. You can try to imagine that; did you usually find a third party for archiving the paper contracts you have signed? Of course not, then why do electronic contracts which already have the same legal effect as the signed paper contracts need the third-party archive service? As for contract management, in order to protect the business secrets, contract management should be in the part of the internal management system of the enterprise, rather than outsourcing external contract management.

In summary, MeSign Technology fully adopts PKI technology to automatically configure the signing certificate and encrypting certificate for users to achieve fully automatic document digital signature and, effectively protecting the privacy and confidential information in the e-documents and in the e-contracts.