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MeSign E-signature Service launches new domain name, new brand, new product and new website: www.mesigndoc.com

Shenzhen, China – February 03, 2021. Since MeSign App officially integrated the e-signature service on August 18, 2019, it has been welcomed by worldwide users and received many suggestions from users. MeSign App is an encrypted email client software, and the e-signature service is positioned as a value-added service of MeSign email encryption service. However, due to the unique advantages of MeSign e-signature service, it has received enthusiastic praise from users. A value-added service can no longer meet the application needs of most e-signature users.

So, we have decided on November 6, 2020 to start to spin off the e-signature service from MeSign App, release an independent e-signature service app and release an independent service brand and service website. Today, the new service brands, service trademarks, new products and service websites have been released globally, the details are as follows:

1. Launch new service brand

The new service brand is: MeSignDoc, the service trademark/logo is shown in the following figure. The icon in the trademark is a signature board (A4 document paper) composed of capital letters "E" and a pen, which means to complete the document E-signature by myself - MeSignDoc. As the name suggests, the e-signature service we provide is that you ("Me") sign the document locally on your computer. The document to be signed does not need to be uploaded to any third-party e-signature service provider, so as to effectively protect the confidential information of your documents.

2. Launch new domain name and new website

From today, a new domain name and service website: www.mesigndoc.com will be launched, which will introduce MeSign electronic signature service in this website. MeSign official website: www.mesign.com will only introduce MeSign email encryption service.

3. Launch new products and new service model

In accordance with the product divestiture plan released on November 6, 2020, MeSign App will also release a synchronized updated version. Its integrated e-sign service only retains the document signing service, and the contract signing on the menu uses the document signing service, which is no longer provided process control service for contract signing. And the new Approval Signing function, which can be used for the office approval digital signature, helps users realize the final step of paperless office-the thorough digitization of the approval signature, which makes the office approval signature have the legal effect of non-tempering and non-repudiation. It is no longer the traditional "agree" button in the office system.

At the same time, the Starter Edition service has been launched. All digital signature functions are the same as the Pro Edition service, except that the charging mode is changed to the number of signatures. This not only allows users to try the MeSign electronic signature service at low cost, but also for users who occasionally need electronic signatures. It is a low-cost digital signature solution. Welcome to trial.

4. Try MeSignDoc service for 20% off discount

To repay the love of MeSign e-signature services by the users around the world, the new website and new service brand have launched a 20% off discount on all service products, including the Starter Edition service, Pro Edition service and API Edition service.

Welcome to try and enjoy a 20% off discount. The discount period is one month: February 3, 2021 - March 3, 2021. Please feel free to try, we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee within 7 days.

5. Preview of upcoming new products

According to the product divestiture plan released on November 6, 2020, the MeSign electronic signature service will no longer be provided by MeSign App, and an independent electronic signature tool software will be released. This software is not called "MeSign Reader" and is renamed as “MeSignDoc” App, it is an innovative electronic signature tool software that fully supports all operating systems and integrates PDF/OFD format document reading, document digital signature, signature validation and signature UI display. This will be the world's first one and it is also the only one as document reader and electronic signature tool with integrated automatic digital signature function that supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Stay tuned, the global public beta is expected to be released in early April.

MeSign Technology is committed to adopting PKI technology to ensure the security and trusted of electronic documents. It has built a MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure. It uses “cloud” and “client” to realize fully automatic digital signature and encryption of electronic documents. Thanks again to worldwide user for the love of MeSign electronic signature services, we will continue to work hard to provide users with better products and services.