• PDF Signing Certificate Automation for each signer
    MeSign App apply and configure PDF Signing Certificate automatically for each signer to sign document and contract digitally, Adobe global trusted.
  • No need to upload your document to be signed to e-signature platform
    Use MeSign App to digitally sign document in your computer, no need to upload your document to be signed to cloud to protect privacy.
  • Timestamp every document automatically
    Timestamp every signed document to prove the signed time is trusted, anti-tamper and non-repudiation. Adobe global trusted.
MeSignDoc, Sign Document by Me locally to protect privacy!
Sign every document digitally automatically. Encrypt important document automatically.
Sign document digitally locally to secure business secret and personal privacy

Our technology, your document security.

  • MVS
  • MTS
  • CDB
  • MCR
  • MSS
  • MCA
  • MKM
MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure“Cloud” and ”Local” work seamless to sign document digitally, locally, automatically.
  • MeSign App
  • MeSign App
  • e-Signing Agent
  • E-signature Box
  • Call E-sign API

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For Nonprofit Organizations

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Choose MeSign, Choose to protect personal privacy.

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