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5 Reasons to Choose MeSign E-signature Service

At present, on the one hand, all kinds of electronic documents are not digitally signed, and the identity of the documents cannot be proved, which leads to the proliferation of fake documents. On the other hand, various electronic signature services are growing rapidly. The publicity of various electronic signatures dazzles users, and they do not know how to correctly choose the electronic signature service suitable for their business.

This article provides a reference for users on how to choose the electronic signature service correctly and welcomes users to choose MeSign electronic signature service wisely after comparing various electronic signature services. There are 5 major innovations and features of the electronic signature service provided by MeSign Technology that you should have!

1. How to choose a suitable electronic signature service?

Electronic signature service includes electronic contract signing service and PDF document signing service. According to the signature method, it can be divided into electronic method signature (referred to as Electronic Signature) and digital method signature (referred to as Digital Signature) (please refer to the difference between the two). Faced with a dazzling variety of electronic signature services, how should you choose? Please take a comprehensive look at the following three aspects, the other aspects are some eye-catching fancy features, not worthy of consideration.

(1) Are users required to upload documents to be signed to the e-signature platform? Do I need to upload the signed document to the verification platform after signing?

This is the first consideration, because if it is required to upload the document to be signed to the e-signature platform, it means that the e-signature platform has the original contract and document containing private and confidential information. Even if the document to be signed is a document that is planned to be publicly released, there is a risk of disclosure in advance, some documents cannot be disclosed in advance! In the same reason, after the document or contract is signed, if the user is also required to upload the signed document to the e-signature verification system for verification, which is equivalent to leaking the confidential information of the contract and the document to unrelated parties.

You can request a trial or provide a service demo account to see if you are required to upload the document to be signed to complete the e-signature and see if you need to upload the completed signed document for signature validation. If so, it is strongly recommended not to use this service because you cannot disclose the confidential information of the contract and document to unrelated third parties, you need to protect the security of your original contract and documents.

(2) How to understand the service provider uses electronic signatures or digital signatures?

The electronic signature only validates the email control and allows the user to handwrite or generate a signature to take effect. This is legally valid in the Western legal framework, so many service providers basically use this method. For users, they do use the service very conveniently, no need to provide any identification materials, user can complete the signature online after receiving the email. The digital signature needs to validate the authentic identity of the users, and after validating the identity, the users will have a PDF signing certificate that it will be used to digitally sign documents and contracts. Its legal effect depends on the digital signature, not the signature picture. According to China Electronic Signature Law and EU eIDAS, the legal effect of digital signatures is equivalent to handwritten signatures or organization seal stamp.

For non-face-to-face contract signing, it is strongly recommended that users choose a digital signature service provider, because the digital signature validates the identity of the signer. For document release signatures, it is of course strongly recommended to use digital signatures, The Reader will display the identity information of the digital signature, allowing the end user to believe the real identity of the document publisher. The use of electronic signature cannot be guaranteed. This is why the relevant UK government departments require that if electronic signatures are used, a trusted third party is required to provide certification or notarization.

(3) If it is a digital signature, is Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate used to digitally sign contracts and PDF documents?

If the service provider uses digital signatures, you can ask the service provider to provide you with a sample file that has been signed. Please open this file with Adobe Reader. If the Adobe Reader displays "At least one signature is problematic", it means The PDF signature certificate used for digital signatures is a certificate that Adobe does not trust. Then how can users trust the contracts and documents that you signed? Therefore, user should be cautious when choosing such an electronic contract service provider.

Please note: there may be a "technical trap": some service providers show you the signed contract or document that display "signed and all signatures are valid" when opened with Adobe Reader, you need to check whether the signer’s identity information is the user, not the e-signature platform. Some service providers only use a signing certificate of the service provider to sign the contract and document, and do not sign with the signer’s own signing certificate. They are still electronic signature, not digital signature.

2. Five reasons to choose MeSign E-signature Service

In the previous part, we listed three important factors that should be considered when choosing an electronic signature service provider correctly. Welcome everyone to use these factors to investigate MeSign electronic signature service. We firmly believe that you will surely choose our E-sign service after understanding the advantages of our solutions.

There are 5 reasons you should have!

(1) Provide e-signature tool for signing in local computer, users do not need to upload contracts and documents to be signed, and effectively protect the confidential information security of user contracts and documents.

MeSign App is not only an encrypted email client software, but also an electronic signature tool software that allows users to independently complete contract signing on their local computers, and the entire contract signing process is based on encrypted email transmission. Not only users do not need to upload contracts and documents to the signature service platform, they can complete contract signing and document digital signatures directly with a few mouse clicks at the local computer, and the entire process is encrypted throughout, ensuring that user contracts and documents do not need to be leaked to unrelated third parties to effectively protect the confidentiality of contracts and documents.

(2) Digital signature technology is used both on contract signing and document signing, and the real identity of the signer will be validated, and the PDF signing certificate will be automatically applied for and issued for the signer.

MeSign Technology believes that digital signature technology should be used for both contract signing and document signing, because electronic signatures do not validate the identity of the signer and cannot guarantee the authenticity of the signature. MeSign Technology strictly validates the true identity of the signer in strict accordance with Adobe's certification standards and other international standards, and automatically applies for and issues a signing certificate for the signer, and uses the signer's own signing certificate to implement the digital signatures for documents and contracts.

(3) MeSign use Adobe globally trusted PDF signing certificate to digitally sign documents and contracts to ensure the global legal effect and global trusted of the signed contracts and documents.

MeSign owns Adobe trusted root certificate, which is used to issue Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate for users, and automatically use this certificate to digitally sign contracts and documents, ensuring completed signed contracts and documents is Adobe global trusted, technically ensure the global legal effect and global trust of the signed contracts and documents.

(4) Contracts and documents signed with digital signatures are countersigned with Adobe trusted timestamp signature to ensure that the signature time is trusted.

The cloud cryptographic infrastructure invested and constructed by MeSign Technology can not only provide users with PDF signing certificates that are globally trusted, but also provide users with Adobe trusted time stamp services for free, ensuring that the signing time of the signed contract and document is authentic and trusted. Users do not need to look for free time stamp services everywhere or spend money to buy time stamp services. MeSign Timestamp Service is a free service supporting MeSign E-signature Service, and all signed contract and document is LTV enabled to guarantee the long time validation of the digital signature even the signing certificate is expired.

(5) The digital signature on the signed contract and document can be directly validated by opening it using Adobe reader to complete the signature validation immediately. The Reader will display the signature is trusted and display the signer's identity information without additional verification of the signature.

Unlike some service providers that users must upload the signed contracts or documents to the "verification" platform, MeSign Technology uses Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate to implement digital signatures in accordance with international standards, users can use Adobe Reader to read and validate it automatically, and the user does not need any additional insecure upload document verification operation.

In summary, the electronic signature service provided by MeSign Technology can meet the users' strong demand for document security protection and can effectively protect the privacy and confidential information in the document. At the same time, it ensures the signed contract and document is global trusted and has global legal effect. MeSign E-sign Service is worthy for your possession, welcome to purchase. If you want to learn more about MeSign E-signature Service, welcome to visit MeSign Document Digital Signature and Encryption Service.