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MeSign Document Digital Signature and Encryption Solutions

There is no doubt that PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure) is the only reliable technology to guarantee the security of the Internet, which completely solves the four headache data security issues (PAIN): (1) the confidentiality of data (Privacy); (2) the identity authenticity of the data producer and user (Authentication); (3) data integrity (Integrity); (4) non-repudiation of data generation and usage behavior (Non-repudiation). The important application of PKI technology is the application of digital certificate, but it is undeniable that how to use digital certificate easily is also a headache.

MeSign Technology is committed to the fully automated application of PKI technology, giving full play to the CA genes and Internet security genes of the R&D team, making full use of cloud computing technology and cloud computing infrastructure, and successfully developing encrypted email client software-MeSign App, cloud and client work together to make the complicated document digital signature and encryption are completely fully automated, and the zero threshold and complete insensitivity, and make the complex PKI encryption technology truly popularized and applied! Users do not need to learn and train what is a digital certificate, nor do they need to apply for a digital certificate from CA, and learnt to deploy and use the certificate, our solutions realize certificate automatic application and automatic deployment, so that users only need to focus on using the software system to serve their business.

MeSign Technology comprehensively adopts digital signature and encryption technologies to realize fully automatic document digital signature and encryption, and fully automatic contract e-signature, to help users around the world to fully realize the trusted paperless for business management. Users are welcome to choose the appropriate solution according to their business needs.

Document Digital Signature and Encryption Solution for Eight Industries

At present, all walks of life are realizing comprehensive paperless management, and one of the important applications of paperless application is document-based paperless management, and corresponding mobile office communication and management. But there are security issues in cleartext transmission, cleartext storage, and proof of identity for document management. Therefore, to achieve truly secure and reliable paperless management, these security issues must be solved.

MeSign digital signature and encryption solutions for documents provide a complete solution which perfectly overcome the two major security issues on trust and security that exist in all industries in the paperless transformation process. MeSign Technology has proposed specific solutions for the typical eight major industries, which can effectively help users in these industries to smoothly implement the comprehensive paperless business process transformation and it perfectly achieves a secure document-based paperless management and mobile management.

Choose MeSign,Choose to protect personal privacy.

Choose MeSign,Choose to protect business secrets.