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MeSign Document Digital Signature and Encryption Solutions

There is no doubt that PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure) is the only reliable technology to guarantee the security of the Internet, which completely solves the four headache data security issues (PAIN): (1) the confidentiality of data (Privacy); (2) the identity authenticity of the data producer and user (Authentication); (3) data integrity (Integration); (4) non-repudiation of data generation and usage behavior (Non-repudiation). The important application of PKI technology is the application of digital certificate, but it is undeniable that how to use digital certificate easily is also a headache.

MeSign Technology is committed to the fully automated application of PKI technology, giving full play to the CA genes and Internet security genes of the R&D team, making full use of cloud computing technology and cloud computing infrastructure, and successfully developing encrypted email client software-MeSign App, cloud and client work together to make the complicated document digital signature and encryption are completely fully automated, and the zero threshold and complete insensitivity, and make the complex PKI encryption technology truly popularized and applied! Users do not need to learn and train what is a digital certificate, nor do they need to apply for a digital certificate from CA, and learnt to deploy and use the certificate, our solutions realize certificate automatic application and automatic deployment, so that users only need to focus on using the software system to serve their business.

MeSign Technology comprehensively adopts digital signature and encryption technologies to realize fully automatic document digital signature and encryption, and fully automatic contract e-signature, to help users around the world to fully realize the trusted paperless for business management. Users are welcome to choose the appropriate solution according to their business needs.

Document Digital Signature and Encryption Solution for Eight Industries

At present, all walks of life are realizing comprehensive paperless management, and one of the important applications of paperless application is document-based paperless management, and corresponding mobile office communication and management. But there are security issues in cleartext transmission, cleartext storage, and proof of identity for document management. Therefore, to achieve truly secure and reliable paperless management, these security issues must be solved.

MeSign digital signature and encryption solutions for documents provide a complete solution which perfectly overcome the two major security issues on trust and security that exist in all industries in the paperless transformation process. MeSign Technology has proposed specific solutions for the typical eight major industries, which can effectively help users in these industries to smoothly implement the comprehensive paperless business process transformation and it perfectly achieves a secure document-based paperless management and mobile management.

Document Digital Signature and Encryption Solution for Finance

The financial industry includes many important industries including banks, securities, funds, foreign exchange, etc. Every day there are a large number of paper documents and forms need to be processed like opening bank accounts, applying for loans, credit card applications, foreign exchange trading agreements, fund purchase agreements, and the internal documents signing etc. They have begun to shift to paperless, but the problem is how to ensure that these electronic documents are really issued by school, have not been impersonated or tampered. At present, the only feasible technical solution is to digitally sign all financial document in PDF with timestamp and send them to users using encryption.

MeSign not only provides digital signature automation solution that can help the PDF documents generated by the internal financial systems to achieve a trusted digital signature with one click, but also provide email signature and encryption automation solution to help the financial systems to send the signed PDF document by encrypted email to users, and completely make the electronic files with reliable digital signature without counterfeiting and make the delivery of electronic files more secure.

As shown in the below diagram, the user handles the banking services on the online banking system and fills in forms online. After completing the forms, the user can sign by hand on the business system or use the corporate online banking USB Key certificate to submit to the bank management system. After processing is completed, the bank system calls the cloud MeSign eSigning Service system or locally calls the MeSign e-Signature System to sign the PDF file with Adobe trusted certificate. For services that do not require the user to fill in the form (such as bank bill, statement, announcement or notice), the PDF file generated on the bank system can be directly called the MeSign eSigning Service to complete the PDF signature.

It is recommended to encrypt all important financial documents. System just need to call MeSign public key certificate database (CerDB) to obtain the user's encryption certificate to encrypt the PDF file, the user can seamlessly view the encrypted PDF file using Adobe Reader. The financial system sends encrypted emails to users using the user's encryption certificate, ensuring the secure and reliable delivery of various user confidential documents. Users only need to use MeSign App to decrypt and read the documents.

This solution has four advantages to ensure that all important financial documents are trusted paperless and encrypted in delivery:

  1. From the user's online application to the delivery of document, the whole process is trusted paperless and are automatically encrypted in delivery. All documents have digital signatures to prove the true identity of the issuer of the document, preventing the financial documents from being counterfeited.
  2. Not only the financial documents sent to users have Adobe global trusted digital signatures to prove their identity, but also the financial documents can be encrypted with user certificate, and only designated users can open and read it.
  3. This solution not only provide PDF file signing and encryption, but also it provides the function to deliver encrypted email to ensure that the PDF file will not be easily stolen and tampered with during the delivery process.
  4. All signed PDF files can be stored by encrypted archives, and all files are time stamped to ensure that once all files are signed and archived, no one can modify these files. Otherwise, the signature and time stamp information will be invalidated, effectively ensuring the long-term security and credibility of the document. The timestamp signature is very useful for subsequent file inspections and audits and can ensure that the document signing behavior and the signing time is authentic, undeniable and cannot be tampered with.

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