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Document E-signature and Encryption Services FAQs

  • 1. I want to use the Contract Signing service, how to buy it and what is the pricing?


    Users can purchase the Starter Edition or Pro Edition, users need to provide identity proof documents to complete the identity validation, and after finishing the validation, users will have 6 trusted e-seal and Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate.

    The Pro Edition service is charged annually, and there is no limited number on the document signing and signing contract, also no limited number on the employees that authorized to use this service.

  • 2. Why does MeSign Contract E-signature Service require all contract signers to complete identity validation?


    There are just two essential needs for the Contract E-signature Service: one is that the signed contract documents must be globally trusted, and the other is that the signed electronic contract must have legal effect globally. To make the signed electronic contract document trusted and legally effective worldwide, the electronic contract PDF file must digitally be signed with the Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate containing trusted identity information. While the relevant international standards and the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) require CAs to issue PDF signing certificates to the users who has been verified strictly in accordance with relevant international standards. Only the identity verification has been completed can the PDF signing certificate of the relevant certification level will be issued. In other words, users must complete the identity validation when purchasing the Contract E-signature Service.

    MeSign Contract E-signature Service only supports digital signature, and does not provide electronic signature, because we believe that it is not enough that just validate the contract signer's email address only, especially for signing contract online that the signing parties do not meet face to face for each other. MeSign Contract E-signature Service use digital signature method that validate the authentic identity of each signer, and automatically configures each signer with a PDF signing certificate of Adobe global trusted for digitally signing contracts.

  • 3. How to use MeSign App to sign the employment agreement?


    After successfully purchased Contract E-signature Service and completed the identity validation, you can use the Contract E-signature service provided in the "E-sign" menu in the MeSign App to initiate and sign the electronic employment agreements. There is no limited numbers on the agreement initiation and the agreement signing. Employees must also complete identity validation.

    The company’s human resources commissioner must use the MeSign App to initiate the employment agreement signing, and employees also must use the MeSign App to encrypt the entire signing process, effectively protect the entire security of the privacy of the employees and the confidential information of the employer.

  • 4. How can MeSign e-Signature Service make digital signing possible without requiring users to uploading the original contract file?


    "Never have the user’s contract file" is the privacy protection bottom line of MeSign Document Digital Signature Services. The essence of digital signature is to use digital certificate to sign the HASH of the file, so when the HASH of the files has been generated, the original file is not needed to be uploaded to the e-signing platform. But at present, almost all the contract signing service providers requires their users to upload the original contract file to the e-signing service platform, because they all adopt the user-friendly web page to sign the contract online. It is really convenient for users, users also like this way. However, users have not realized that their contract confidential information has been handed over to the signing service provider, which is a huge personal privacy and business secrets protection problems. Maybe some users have realized this document security problem, but there is no choice, because all providers provide the signing services in this way.

    MeSign thinks that this is a contract document security issue that must be solved, and the signing service provider should not have the original contract of the users, so MeSign’s solution is to split the signing process. The HASH data generated during the signing process was moved to the side of user’s computer, so it can make the file to be signed not leave the user's computer. The user uses the MeSign App to generate HASH data, and only post the HASH data to the cloud signing service system. After the cloud signing system completes the digital signature of the HASH data, it returns the signed data to the MeSign App, and MeSign App is responsible to write the signed data to the PDF file to be signed. If the large enterprises need to implement fully automatic contract signing, these local tasks will be completed by the MeSign e-Signature System deployed on user’s premises.

  • 5. Why does MeSign Contract E-signature Service not provide e-contract verification service, e-contract archiving service and e-contract management service?


    Regarding the e-contract verification service, we think this is a pseudo requirement. It is not MeSign does not provide, but it is not necessary to provide at all. It is because MeSign Service use the Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate for all signing services, so that the Adobe Reader has already completed signature validation when the user opens the signed contract file, which is equivalent to automatically completing the contract verification immediately. As shown below:

    Users completely do not need to upload the signed documents to the "electronic contract verification service" platform for verification, which not only make it easy for users, but also protects the confidential information in the signed contract files. This is followed our privacy protection bottom line-"Never have the user’s contract file".

    As for contract archiving services and contract management services, we also follow our privacy protection bottom line-"Never have the user’s contract file", so we do not provide contract archiving services and management services, and we think it is not necessary, because the best way should be like paper contract archiving and management by the users themselves.

  • 6. How to integrate the Contract E-signature Service into our company’s business management system?


    We provide two ways for the system integration. One way is for the organizations to program to call E-sign API to implement the internal management system integration or APP integration. If you don’t have the capabilities in PDF programming, you can purchase the MeSign e-Signature System to complete the task of the digital signature. And the e-Signature system is connected to the MeSign cloud e-signing service system to control the process throughout the contract signing, identity validation of contract signatories and the confirmation of signing behaviors and other related services.