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Document E-signature and Encryption Services FAQs

  • 1. What is e-Signature System? What are the functions does MeSign e-Signature System provide?


    Answer: The e-Signature System is a form of electronic signature. It uses image processing technology to convert the electronic signature operation into the same visual effect as the paper document stamping or handwrite signature operation. At the same time, it uses digital signature technology to ensure the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of the electronic document signature.

    MeSign e-Signature System provides users with functions:

    1. 1) E-seal management
    2. 2) User management
    3. 3) Document digital signature service
    4. 4) E-seal stamping service
    5. 5) Contract signing process control
    6. 6) Signing log management

    Therefore, users do not need to understand PDF programming and do not need to apply for a PDF signing certificate from a CA, they just need to submit the PDF file generated by the business system to the e-Signature System to complete the PDF document signing.

  • 2. Why does E-sign API not accept the PDF file to be signed, but the e-Signature System only accept the PDF file?


    E-sign API service is provided by the MeSign e-Signing Service System deployed in the cloud. As stated in the Frequently Asked Questions of the E-sign API, in order to protect the privacy of user documents and the commercial confidential information, the E-sign API does not accept the PDF files post, and it only accept the HASH data of the file to be signed used for digital signature. However, the e-Signature system is deployed on the user side and docked with the user's business management system, which helps users who do not have the capabilities on PDF signature to complete the PDF signature by implementing the E-sign API signature locally. Of course, the business system only needs to submit the generated PDF file, and the e-Signature System will complete the PDF file signature.

  • 3. How does the e-Signature System know the position to add the e-seal?


    The backend management system of the e-Signature System provides a preview and electronic signature positioning function of the file to be signed. The user needs to set the signature positioning before calling the e-Signature system to sign a single document or sign the documents in batch. The e-Signature System will use this positioning data to stamp an e-seal at the pre-set position.