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Document E-signature and Encryption Services FAQs

  • 1. What is Approval Signing? What scenarios can it be used for?


    The Approval Signing is used for the approval of office documents and is very suitable for digital signatures of office documents that require approval. Users can use the "Approval Signing" function of the "E-sign" menu to complete the approval signing of office documents. It is especially suitable for office approval of government agencies and enterprises. Users can use MeSign App to implement approval signatures after purchasing the MeSignDoc service, which completely solves the problem of printing paper documents and manual signatures for office approval, and completely realizes the legal effect of paperless office approval signatures and has non-repudiation and non-tampering. At the same time, each approval signing is attached with a timestamp signature, which can effectively prove that the approval time is trusted and undeniable.

  • 2. What are the differences among Approval Signing, Document Signing and Contract Signing?


    Approval Signing of course also belong to the document digital signature service. The “Document Signing” in the “E-sign” service menu in MeSign App refers to the document digital signature service of one signatory, and the signature of internal document approval is more than two signatories, so we call it as "Approval Signing". Since approval signing is generally multi-party signatures, the approval signature like contract signing is used. All parties who approve the office document must be MeSign App users, and they must have purchased document digital signature services. Organization users must purchase the employee signing services for users with approval signing need. There is a fixed annual fee and no limit on the number of approval signing.